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Symphony of Electric Power Systems

Max Blatter, graduate electrical engineer

Note Line

How did I get the idea for this quirky project?

From the "Cosmophony" ...

In the second half of my teenage years, I was fascinated by synthesizer music and progressive rock – and especially by the band Emerson, Lake & Palmer. During this period, I used to daydream: If I became a musician  (which was never a serious career aspiration of mine, though), I would like to turn the Universe’s history from the Big Bang down to the origins of life into electronic music. I had already thought of a name for this work: Cosmophony.

... to the fictional character "Winga"

My inclination towards synthesizer rock received another boost when, around the year 2012, I became aware of the band School of Seven Bells, who was formed originally by the Guatemalan twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza and the US American Benjamin Curtis, who unfortunately died from cancer meanwhile.

At about the same time, I invented the fictional siblings Winga and Wingo as protagonists for certain exercises in my lecture notes on Electric Power Systems. Winga, being the lead singer of an amateur rockband, saw one or the other connection between music and power systems (variations of grid frequency,  puls-width modulated converters) ...

In this context I began to think: The idea of a "Cosmophony" was maybe a bit exaggerated – but a "Symphony of Electric Power Systems"?

Intended cooperation with a professional musician

Surely, I would not be able to tackle the project on my own. First, my musical knowledge is marginal; it wouldn't do harm if you could complement it. But above all ...

Mandatory: Free access to an electronic music studio

At least at the beginning, the project is meant to be a pure hobby: We both work without pay – and we need free access to an electronic studio. In case you are working at a relevant music academy, this should be possible? Or you are already established as a musical artist and there is a generous producer behind you?

Contractual agreement – just in case something marketable would arise

I want to avoid conflicts in case the project unexpectedly yields something marketable. Therefore I think that the exploitation rights  and the distribution of a possible revenue should be clarified in advance.

First step: a demo audio file?

Interested? Then I suggest that you let yourself inspire by one or the other proposal in my PowerPoint presentation (see below), and  send me a little audio file by email, which includes your pilot implementation of the idea (all rights remain with you)! You find my email address in the navigation column on the left side.

By the way: If I happen to find a free software suited for that purpose, I'll also try to create such a demo audio file myself and upload it to this website.


→ Detailed PowerPoint presentation

This is a PPSX file that can be operated intuitively by the viewer. In most cases, you have to click on the keyword "continue", formatted in red and located in the bottom right corner.  There are also sequences that run automatically; during this time, the green fomatted keyword "please wait" is flashing in the bottom center. Some of these sequences can be repeated when finished by clicking on the keyword "again", which is located near the keyword "continue" and is also written in red.