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Symphony of Sustainable Power Systems

Max Blatter, graduate electrical engineer

Note Line

A quirky music project
from a quirky non-musician

This is a project which I intend to realize in cooperation between me, as an expert of power systems, and a still to be found professional musician.

If you feel hungry for more information, I suggest:

1.) Start with the "appetizer" !

2.) If it meets your taste, take the time to consume the "complete dinner" !

3.) If you want to refresh certain things later, there is the "buffet".

And if you can imagine to participate in the project, please use the completely non-committal reply form below ! Or just send an email.

Reply form

→ Reply form, PDF

Information menu

The Appetizer

→ Short video, MP4, 1m55s

The Complete Dinner

→ Detailed Video, MP4, 35m22s


Subject to no changes
from October 2020 to June 2021

During this time, my primary concern  is teaching and I will not work on this project. But still, I am waiting for your reply form!

Information menu

The Buffet

Audio-frequency ripple control

→ Score, PDF, 1 page
→ Video, MP4, 34s

Grid hum and grid frequency

→ Video, including explanation, MP4, 6m58s

3-phase AC system in stereophonic space

→ Video, MP4, 21s

Rotating magnetic field

→ Video (clockwise), MP4, 30s
→ Video (counterclockwise), MP4, 30s
→ Video (bidirectional), MP4, 30s

Grid levels

→ Score, PDF, 3 pages
→ Video, including explanation, MP4, 3m48s